Welcome to Three Monkies Farm

Our mission:

Fostering Community: At Three Monkies Farm we hope to reconnect ourselves in a disconnected world. To talk with neighbors, friends, and strangers alike, sharing our love for food, flowers and our community. We hope that in leading this charge we will show our children the value of personal relationships and the importance of hearing peoples stories.

Building a Better Planet: Our farm focuses on regenerating our soils, and nurturing our land through sustainable agriculture. We hope to decrease our ecological impact through reduced waste, transportation, chemical exposure, and water usage. We use permaculture ideals and organic principles to help achieve this goal. Although we are not organic certified, we pride ourselves on making the best, most organic and natural choices when running the farm.

Aesthetically Enhance the Landscape: We hope that we can add beauty and tranquility to any living space. Our garden design focuses on environmental friendliness that catches the eye. We hope our flowers can help to enhance the feelings of nature and beauty anywhere you bring them.